The Smart Choice in Digital Signage

POMP is more than just digital signage – it’s a smart way to communicate, engage, and influence. With POMP, you have the power to display custom digital content across any number of screens. And it doesn’t stop there – POMP supports offline mode, allowing you to sync your playlist to your device and continue displaying even without an internet connection. All you need is an Apple TV or Android TV device, a screen, and a POMP subscription, and you’re all set to revolutionize your digital display​1​.

Streamlined Content Management

With POMP, managing your digital content has never been easier. Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to create, edit, and manage all your digital screens from anywhere. Whether you’re planning on having multiple displays with different content or need to quickly update a single display, POMP has you covered with multi-playlist support​.

Hassle-Free Setup and Onboarding

We understand that not everyone is tech-savvy, and that’s okay. POMP is designed with simplicity in mind – our dashboard and app enable quick and easy pairing, getting you up and running in no time. Need help with setting up your displays and playlists or connecting your integrations? We’ve got you covered. Our onboarding process ensures that you’re well-taken care of every step of the way​.

No Heavy Infrastructure Needed

With POMP, you can say goodbye to on-site servers and complicated infrastructure. As a cloud-based software, all POMP needs to work its magic is an Apple TV or Android TV device and an internet connection. Whether you’re connected via wired or wireless internet, POMP delivers dynamic digital signage effortlessly​.