In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to communicate information quickly and effectively is more important than ever. This is particularly true in the educational sector, where schools need to keep students, staff, and parents updated with timely and relevant information. Traditional methods of communication, such as notice boards and paper handouts, are increasingly falling short. They are not only time-consuming and resource-intensive but also fail to capture attention effectively. Enter POMP, the smart digital signage software designed for businesses of all sizes.

POMP transforms any screen into a dynamic display, allowing schools to share impactful content to any screen, anywhere, in minutes. With POMP, curating existing content or creating something brand new becomes a seamless process, requiring no design or technical skills. From static images to dynamic videos, POMP makes it easy to manage digital signage content.

One of the key features of POMP that makes it stand out is its range of smart integrations, including integration with KAMAR, one of the four main School Management System (SMS) providers in New Zealand. KAMAR is a complete school administration package specifically written for New Zealand schools, offering functions to keep track of students and their activities, timetabling, reporting, and more. With POMP’s KAMAR integration, schools can connect their signage to live notices, calendars, and more. The need to manually update content is eliminated, as all content syncs directly from KAMAR.

The benefits of using digital signage in schools are numerous. Research shows that people are seven times more likely to notice electronic signs over static signs, meaning that your message gets through. Digital signage allows schools to share information on upcoming events, fundraisers, and other important information more effectively, reducing paper & ink consumption and generating greater interest in school-sponsored events. Additionally, digital signage offers an opportunity for joint marketing with community businesses or education centers, potentially generating income.

Digital signage can also enhance school safety. In case of an emergency, digital signage can be used to quickly share critical communications to all screens, keeping students and staff informed and safe. It also allows schools to make morning announcements “all-day” announcements by displaying them on screens throughout the day, ensuring that the information reaches a larger part of the student body.

Moreover, POMP’s cloud-based nature means that you can update your digital signage from anywhere, making it a highly flexible solution for schools. Whether it’s calendar data or actionable business intelligence, POMP ensures you’re always displaying the most valuable information. It also offers pre-made templates, so you don’t need to hire a designer every time you want to update your signage.

In conclusion, by leveraging POMP’s KAMAR integration, schools in New Zealand can make their signage smarter and more effective. If your school is looking to enhance communication, save resources, and keep up with the digital age, it’s time to consider POMP. Transform your school signage with POMP today.

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