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Digital Signage Solutions

A Strategic Move for Business Growth

In an increasingly digital age, businesses must adapt and innovate to stand out. Digital signage provides an effective and versatile solution, facilitating improved communication, enhanced customer engagement, and increased revenue growth.

  • Digital signage captivates audiences, achieving an 83% recall rate and 400% more views than static displays.

  • Brands report up to a 33% increase in sales after using digital signage, with 19% of consumers making impulse purchases after seeing digital ads.

  • Digital signage reduces perceived wait times by 35% and enhances productivity by 25% through improved internal communication.

Flexible pricing options

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Great for getting stated. Free features.

What’s Included

1 device
1 playlist
50mb Storage
Free integrations

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NZD per month

Basic plan for small businesses.

What’s Included

3 devices
1 playlist
500mb storage
Premium integrations



NZD per month

Pro plan for medium sized businesses.

What’s Included

10 devices
3 playlists
500mb storage
Premium integrations



NZD per month

Advanced plan. For larger businesses.

What’s Included

100 devices
50 playlists
5gb storage
Premium integrations

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Growth versus static signage

Digital signage can significantly enhance a business’s sales. According to a study, 80% of brands using digital signage reported an increase in sales, with up to 33% growth. Digital signage also improves queue management, reducing perceived wait times by more than 35%.


More views

Digital signage is highly effective in capturing attention, with digital displays capturing 400% more views than static displays. The recall rate for digital signage is also impressive at 83%, which is almost double the information retention rate for traditional advertising. Furthermore, digital signage can enhance internal communication, leading to a 25% increase in employee productivity​.


Influence in restaurants

Digital signage stands out more than online ads for 71% of consumers. In the hospitality industry, 70% of hotel guests find digital signage entertaining. In healthcare, 75% of hospital patients could recall at least one message from a digital sign. Restaurants and cafes can influence 29.5% of customers with digital menus. This demonstrates how digital signage can be beneficial across different industries, enhancing customer experience, and driving sales.