Digital Signage Integrations

Smart Integrations

Our smart integrations allow you to display dynamic content on your Digital Signage.


The Video integration allows you to add custom video content to your displays


POMP allows for the display of custom imagery on your screens. You can create any image you can imagine and easily deploy them to your displays


The Twitter integration allows for the display of your Twitter feed on your screens, encouraging engagement with your tweets


The Spotify integration displays what’s currently being played on your Spotify account, including the song title, artist, and album artwork

Mobi2Go Menu

This integration effortlessly pulls your Mobi2Go menus into POMP, eliminating the need for manual data input. It offers a flexible display, allowing one or two categories per screen, and shows a ‘sold out’ message for any items that are unavailable in Mobi2Go.​

World News

Stay informed and keep your audience up to date with live news articles pulled from local sources. Each article is displayed along with a QR code, providing a link for your audience to read more


Unleash your creativity with the Canva integration. Create and import stunning images and videos directly into POMP from Canva. This integration allows for quick edits and updates to your Canva-created imagery at any time


This integration allows for the automatic display of your latest Hail articles directly on your displays​

Exchange Rates

With the Exchange Rates integration, you can display up-to-date exchange rates directly on your displays. You can select which rates you want to display, with data automatically updated every few minutes


Amplify your online presence by connecting your WordPress articles to POMP. Your articles will be displayed visually on your screens with corresponding QR codes, linking directly to the full articles​.

Web View

Web View provides a versatile solution for showcasing an internet webpage on your digital signs. By simply inputting a web address, you can add fully custom and dynamic content without needing any custom development. The content is always fresh, as a new copy of the webpage is pulled each time it is displayed

Google Calendar

Seamlessly integrate your Google Calendar with POMP to display your up-to-date calendar data on your screens. Choose from three different designs to display your calendar in a way that best fits your needs. Automatic updates ensure your displayed calendar is always current